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Related article: on the Cublington side of Cres- low to ground in a drain at Mr. John Hedges* farm at Tinkers- hole, from which a brace were killed. The Puckeridge. — The season has begun well. On the opening day the going was a little heavy, but scent was good, and after running their fox for an hour and a quarter, hounds Order Digoxin Online killed at Arkes- den. Wednesday, the 7th, saw good Purchase Digoxin sport, the best of the day being a capital twenty minutes, ending in a kill at Hargreaves. Mr. Armitage, of Thorley, we regret to hear, had a bad fall, which resulted in serious and painful injuries to his right elbow. The following Wednesday, the 14th, another good gallop from Elsenham was in store, with a kill close to Thremball Priory. Thanks to the energetic measures adopted during the last two or three seasons by the influential hunting farmers who form the -Earth Stopping Committee, and by the master, it is believed that mange has been fairly stamped out. The young entry shapes well, and, given scent, the prospects of the season are the best. Mr. Barclay has built new kennels and accom- modation for the hunt establish- ment at his residence, Brent Pelham Hall, near Buntingford, and the hounds will take up their Purchase Digoxin Online quarters there Buy Digoxin early next summer. Major Anderson, joint hon. secretary, is still at Buy Cheap Digoxin the front in South Africa. The Soath Oxfordshire.— A correspondent informs us that Mr. Ashhurst was master of the pack for six seasons, from May, 1894, *i^^^^ May, 1900, not five seasons, as stated in our article on page 362 of last issue. Chiddingfold* — The circum- stances under which Mr, Cowley Lambert withdrew his offer to hunt this country have given rise to much discussion in hunting circles. From the correspondence published in the local journal it ^ovUNce^^ ^^AMP^.O^'^ By Special Appointment to HER MAJESTY THE QUEEN and HRH. THE PRINCE OF WALES I-' m f-». .«. .«.-§! .«. -*- .«► «ft. •S» "S* ■ffi- • K" 'S* Buy Digoxin Online ImI *s* ^» ^» *^" 1 4 I BAILY'S MAGAZINE OF SPORTS & PASTIMES. VOLUME THE Order Digoxin SEVENTY-FIRST. BEING Nos. 467—472. JANUARY TO JUNE, 1899., Generic Digoxin LONDON : VINTON AND CO., LIMITED, 9, NEW BRIDGE STREET, LUDGATE CIRCUS, E.C. 1899. # I. " 7777-^ , >^^. ILLUSTRATIONS. ENGRAVINGS. PAGB Abel, Robert Title Bibby, Mr, Frank 237 Carnarvon, The Earl of 319 Falmouth, Viscount Digoxin Online 401 Robeck, The Baron de i Watson, Mr. Robert, M.F.H. - - - - 157 Wolverton, Lord 77 MISCELLANEOUS. PAGE Beaufort, The late Duke of 433 Bewdley Bridge 246 Bits and Bitting 26 Cambridge Telegraph Coach 96 Childe, William, Esq. 242 Cox, Fred 330 Crumpled in the Air 24 Fishing with an Angle 261 Forfeit, Robert 359 Kinlet House and Park 244 Landing a Trout 366 Saddle Bars and Stirrups 185 " Slowly but Surely " 176 Sporting Dogs 108 CONTENTS. PAGE Abel, Robert 451 After Twenty- three Years (Verses) 249